Born in SE London, when I went to school I never really felt like I belonged there. I found it hard to connect and felt like nobody really understood me.
I felt it hard to discover a genuine connection and as a consequence, and at parts through my life, I’ve felt disconnected at times from this world. This has shown in my relationships, jobs, studies. Music offered me an escape from this, and ever since then I’ve spent most of my time lost in my own musical world. This is why I started writing music. I realised my purpose when I first picked up a guitar, and haven’t looked back.
I like writing in all styles and genres. I love all types of music, so it’s quite random what I’ll end up writing from day to day – I play 8 instruments and produce my own beats and music, so anything I write on a given day can be varied. I play my guitar and piano the most when I’m singing and writing music.
I write about genuine, real issues that have affected me and my life, or those close to me. Rather than trying to be something I’m not, I’ve accepted who I am, what I’m good at, what I’m not, and accepted by interpretation of life, and the way I express it. I’ve learnt to open up to a whole new level, which in the past, I never felt comfortable with.
I’ve recorded and written a lot of material, which I’ve tried to capture in the most genuine, honest and raw way possible. The subjects tackle honest incidents from my life – from my childhood, relationships, happy times, lowest points, highest moments. I also write about the stories of others that grab my attention, and tell it from my own perspective.