Music has always been my blanket. As soon as I picked up a guitar at 14 years old – I wanted to write my own songs on it. Since then, it’s been the only way I feel comfortable expressing myself. I suffered from PTSD for years due to a trauma experienced early on in my life, and so I find it very difficult to honestly speak my mind. Song writing has offered the therapy and distraction I needed. I’ve written about major events in my life: – the death of my best friend, losing and finding your mind again, the highs of love, the lows of rejection. I’ve reached a point in my life where I don’t care how I express myself and my music is benefiting from that. I write in all styles. I play 8 instruments and listen from anything from classical to drum and bass – so it’s never obvious what I’ll come up with on a given day.
I like to write at home generally. It’s usually the melody and music that comes first, and then the music. I usually write on my guitar or piano, but then there are songs that have been written as I go while I produce them – FYRE being one.
I want to get as much music as I can out there at 2019. I’ve sat on a load for a while as I have been on the road for the last 2 years. My music now means more to me than just being a “song”. They are mainly written with a period of my lie in mind, or a problem that existed at that time. I want to use the messages in my music to help others through hard times, battles with their mental health and to find strength and resilience where they think it cannot be found.
Have a listen and see!