Since I first picked up a guitar at 13 years old, I have always wanted to write songs, and it’s what I’ve spent most of my life doing. Starting at first in my spare time, it soon became something I did constantly, when I realised I wanted to try and do it for a living. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. I’ve tried – I’ve had numerous jobs, left a steady career, as music has always called within me to follow its pull- and I do every day with passion.

The things I love about music the most are: the people I’ve met over the years; playing shows; collaborating with other fellow musicians; networking and meeting anybody and everybody imaginable. It’s about the friends you make, the characters and different type of people who watch the shows, the moment you connect with somebody and make new fans; the other artists; the sound men; the promoters, the DJS, the media, the press and everybody else I’m forgetting to mention .It’s an incredible journey, and one which has taken me all over the world. It’s given me glory, and has also taken it away. It’s affected my personal life massively – seen me win and lose love, given me the hardest times as well as the most amazing experiences I’ll always be grateful for. 

The music I make tends to be related to my journey, the things I’ve seen, what I’ve felt, and the lessons I’ve learnt. I take inspiration from other people’s lives, but mainly my own. 

I’m influenced by everything I hear when I make music. I’ve gone through periods of DnB, R&B, hip hop, rock, pop and grime, so my music taste is varied and my music has evolved and has elements of all of these. However, you could say a blend of the soul of Paulo Nutini, the big sound of Imagine Dragons, with the catchiness of Ed Sheeran. I play 8 instruments, write and produce my own music and have spent the last 12 months solidly recording. I’m releasing the first of these songs – BHU on 27th February 2018. Be sure to like my Facebook page so you don’t miss the release and my other songs throughout the year.

In 2018 I’ll be getting as much music out as I can. I’ve been working on a new musical project for a year now, and it’s finally ready, so I can’t wait to get it out. I’ll be releasing singles and videos throughout the year, so stay up to date with them all by following all my socials – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

I frequently play shows around the south east and in London but I am hoping to expand to other cities this year. Have a look at my gig listing here, to see if there’s one close by. If not send me a message and we can try and organise one together.

Nate OUT!